The online shop is a software system for selling goods and services over the Internet. The advantages of Internet commerce are indisputable and we will known and we will mention only a small part of them.

For the owner of the online shop platform - this is a reduction in the cost of office and warehouse maintenance, high profitability, the ability to create a "history" for each client, shortening the distances when interacting with potential partners and the absence of the need to maintain a large staff.

For the visitor - it's a convenient and easy way to check out your goods or services , and an opportunity to ask or share an opinion, saves money and time, affordable prices, 24/7 accessibility and the opportunity to deliver the service or goods right at his home.

Despite the indisputable convenience of Internet commerce, the traditional competition problem is more prominent online. Many online shop owners are frustrated how their competitors manage to stay on the surface, attract new customers and have high sales. The secret of success lies in several aspects such as design, ease of use and online marketing of the your e-shop. 

For this reason the leading principles of Rona Soft experts in the development of an e-shop is to achieve success by combining design, easy of use and online marketing.

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